From the company outset our core principals have been to maintain our strong family values and we believe this has been the driving factor behind our success.

We have a global out-look and through our partnerships with distributors and retailers across the globe we constantly look to promote our philosophy as far as we possibly can.


Our company Philosophy and Commitments focuses on 5 key factors:

Fairness and equality

We recognise how important it is that all those involved in our mission are treated fairly and respectfully and to that understanding we have joined the BSCI accreditation program to ensure that we are doing what we can to make sure those people involved in producing, developing and preparing our products are treated fairly.

Innovation and design

We have patent granted products, designs registrations and trademarks registered and protected across UK, Europe, USA and Asia. Our passion is to constantly develop and evolve to ensure we are offering our consumers contemporary and effective products that can enhance everyday life.

Fit for purpose products

With a true motivation to deliver quality products at a price that is affordable, we only develop products we ourselves would use in our own homes and if it does not meet that standard, we go straight back to the drawing board and start again.

Customer service

Our views are not to try to be everything to everyone, but to focus on and deliver a quality service with outstanding products and an even more impressive price to those customers who share our vision of giving the consumer something, which we can all be proud of.

As well as looking after our direct customers we want to help the consumers of our products and offer a free phone telephone number and email address on all of our products, encouraging our users to get in touch with any questions, concerns or compliments which we can help them with.

Stock fulfilment and delivery

Part of our service is to offer our customers a standard 5 day turn around from order receipt to delivery to their stores or depots and with an order fulfilment greater than 98% we believe this is a winning formula.

The opportunities to grow are endless and through the continued support of both our customers and supply chain working together in unison we can truly achieve great things.